A Platform You Can Trust: How to Harden Your Security On-prem and in the Service

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 17:15:00 to 18:15:00 | Room: EVEREST12

What do you reply when customers ask about Business Central security (on prem or in the service)? Maybe you are about to install Business Central on prem for a customer. How do you harden that installation to meet security best practices and requirements from auditors? Or maybe you would like to get insights into how secure the Business Central really is? In this session we will go through the security best practices we use for running the service version of Business Central, covering security in the client, application, server, network, database and more. After the session you will be able to implement more secure projects with Business Central if you operate on-prem, or be able to communicate to customers why the Business Central service is a platform they can trust.


Jens Moller-Pedersen

- Microsoft

Kennie Pontoppidan

Senior Program Manager - Microsoft

Bio: Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan works as a program manager in Microsoft, where he works with performance tuning, team development, requirements, technical project management, and other odd jobs in the Dynamics 365 Business Central server team. He has worked in the dangerous field between developers and dba’s for many years and done his part of mistakes as a developer before that in his 20+ years in the it industry. Kennie has no humor.