How to the create best customer expirence

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | From: 15:15:00 to 16:15:00 | Room: YANGTZE1+2

Customers - the mysterious creatures. Is digitalization the 42? ... and what, if not?


Andreas H.E. Dorsch

Head of Channel Sales - YAVEON

Bio: Since 06.2009 at YAVEON AG At YAVEON I have built up the Partner Channel for 20 countries for our vertical and horizontal solutions based on NAV/BC. Prior YAVEON I did work 2 years at a Microsoft CRM company, studied Business Administration with a major in Logistics and worked for 5 years in a whole sale business. In the last 3 years I also have had a class for "Customer Relationship Management" at the University of applied Sciences. #Sales #Channel #BusinessDevelopment #NAVisagreatcommunity #IloveComics #Thankyouforvisitingmyprofile,pleasejoinmysession